Download the app, go out running, and get awesome discounts on running shoes and accessories for your miles!

What is runnadict good for?

Challenges and discounts

runaddict allows you to collect points based on the distance or time you run, and you can use them to buy sportswear, sport gear , and services connected to healthy lifestyle (e.g. sports massage) at a discounted price.

Running events

We collected the most popular running events for you so that you can begin the registration from the application. For your preparation NN Insurance provides you with a free insurance with assistance services for runners.

Assistance services

Running coach consultation, organizing orthopedic clinical examination, and 24/7 medical call center help you so that you only have to concentrate on what truly matters: running.

How does it work?

runaddict can follow your running activities based on the data it gets from Google Fit or Apple Health. You can still track your running with your smartwatch or your app on your mobile. In order to make runaddict work properly, you just need to give permission for the flow of data in an easy way.

Smartwatch /
Mobile application

You need to allow your preferred running app (Fitbit, Garmin, Runkeeper, Endomondo etc.) to access data at Google Fit or Apple Health.

Google Fit
Apple Health

In case your phone runs on Android platform, download Google Fit on your smartphone.

runaddict app

Allow runaddict access to Google Fit or Apple Health.

Check out the introduction video!